Karen Dobkins Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, University of California, San Diego

My Vision for a Program at UCSD in Learning Sustainable Well-Being (Preventive Mental Health)


Learning Sustainable Well-Being (LSW): Compassion for Self and Others (Psych 88)
Fall 2023: Syllabus
The principles taught in this class are based on Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and Cognitive Therapy (as well as Buddhism and Neuroscience). The focus is on how to live a life where our actions are aligned with our core values, get straight to the heart of a matter, identify the issues, discriminate between real threats vs. the “stories” we tell ourselves, move away from “shoulds”, take responsibility for our choices and actions, not go into “victim mentality”, communicate needs effectively, bring love, mindfulness and compassion to all situations, and live wholeheartedly, without apology. The goal is to give you the tools you need to feel empowered and to live a life you love, with purpose and clarity.

Behavioral Neuroscience (Psych 106)
Winter 2023: Syllabus

Science of Mindfulness (Psych 175)
Winter 2023: Syllabus

Sensation and Perception (Psych 221)
Fall 2020: Syllabus
Fall 2020: Course Reader

INTENSATI (exercise + positive affirmations)

Karen Dobkins, Ph.D.

Good for your mind and body by Karen Dobkins
Details: Intensati is a powerfully invigorating practice that trains your body, mind and spirit. It combines empowering affirmations with interval training, martial arts, dance and yoga. You will leave class feeling stronger, uplifted and inspired.


Principles of Clarity with Karen Dobkins
Details: The focus is on how to live a life where our actions are aligned with our core values

Karen Dobkins, Ph.D.