If you want to have a good life, you NEED to practice; and the practice is not what you think it is. Radical Wellbeing is a community where students can learn and practice emotional resilience, compassion, and healthy, non-violent communication. We facilitate exercises as an extension of the course PSYC 88: Learning Sustainable Wellbeing taught by neuroscientist and psychologist Professor Karen Dobkins.

What is Radical Wellbeing as a student organization?

  • Mental Gym where you can practice concepts taught in class
  • It’s a Circle of Advisors who want to live a mindful and balanced existence

What is PSYC 88 Seminar?

  • The PSYC 88 Seminar is based on Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and Cognitive Therapy practices (as well as Buddhism and Neuroscience). Many students have come away from this class with a transformed perspective on life. Different course exercises enable this transition, which is facilitated during Radical Wellbeing workshops and sessions.
  • The focus is living a life where we can accept both our dark sides, our actions are aligned with core values, communication gets straight to the heart of a matter, we can discriminate between real threats vs. fabricated narratives, we can take responsibility for our choices, not enter “victim mentality”, communicate needs effectively, and bring compassion to ALL situations. The goal is to give you the tools you need to feel empowered and to live a life you love, with purpose and clarity.

Come to our next meeting this Tuesday, May 30th at 8.00 pm, SOLIS 109.

HIGHLIGHTS for the first meeting

  • Special Guest: Karen Dobkins herself!!
  • Snacks
  • What is Radical Wellbeing as a student organization and as a concept?
  • How to shift from judgment to compassion?

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